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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I am a Rousing Success
Because as of this very minute, my goal was to make my dad most popular deaf inmate in the history of attempted murderers in Cell Block 9 of the Estelle Unit of the Huntsville Texas State Penitentiary by getting him a personalized autographed photo of the cover of the 2006 Penthouse Pet of the Year issue at the very party at which she was annointed the best of all pets for the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Six.

And I did it.

That dude owes me.

Link - 11:43 PM -

Monday, November 28, 2005

My new scanner is getting some hot action. I've scanned in Christian's Redbook blurb, his mention in Cindy Adams' column and his Endquote in Page Six.

Tomorrow is the Penthouse party. I scoured the net for some images from parties past to see what attire would be best. I concluded that anything goes, from a short denim skirt and boots to an evening gown to anything in between. So I've got a sparkly top and cream color slacks set aside which as the hours tick by seems less and less enticing the more I examine my pasty skin and crusty nose and fat butt and damn I'm ugly I can't possibly go to this party what the hell am I thinking of course I'm going hell no I'm not I need to go to the gym why did I eat that pint of ice cream and half a large pizza last night?

As of this minute, I'm going.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

New Scanner
Third time is hopefully the charm when it comes to me and scanners. I use them so frequently for news clippings that I really need one. I think. Maybe there's some sort of service that is as convenient as having my own scanner, but I don't know it. I also have grand plans to scan all of my childhood pictures that are most important to have them safe and sound online. If I do, that's well worth $150.

My first scan (Thanksgiving dinner at the Rainbow Room) with this Epson 3590 looks great. Don't let the blurriness fool you on the enlarged version. (All fixed.) I resized it and was a little lazy with editing it since my pizza just arrived.


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The Latest Ballyhoo
Get it here.


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Three Blind Mice
Okay, maybe not blind but we just caught our THIRD mouse. He slept in his trap all night because Christian didn't want to take him out at 4:00 in the morning.

Three? That's a problem.

Link - 9:31 AM -

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Three Venues
I went to see Rope on stage last night for free, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the movie theater today and Against the Ropes on my television this evening.

I thoroughly enjoyed the acting in Rope but I gotta say the story was just eh. It was especially disappointing after reading this TheaterSource description:

In 'Rope,' two young Oxford men who attempt "the perfect murder" to prove that they are above ordinary people. After killing a college friend, they hide the body in a trunk in their living room and host a cocktail party, serving dinner off of the trunk. The play served as the source of the 1948 Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, which starred James Stewart.
OOooooohhhhhh, right? Murder and a party? Right up my alley! But it was dated and ultimately had a "so what" kind of ending. A fifteen minute delayed start plus two (unnecessary, I think) intermissions made the blah ending feel especially more blah. But, that said, the acting was superb as was the direction. That's more than enough to make me happy I braved the cold while sniffly and stuffy-headed. I know I didn't quite "sell" it, but I can score you free tickets if you want them. Just email me.

Potter was predictable in that I enjoyed it but wasn't blown away by it. Is the latter even possible when you've read the book first? My favorite part about the Potter movies is hearing the completely organic reactions of the children around us. The best quote came afterwards when I overheard a boy of ten or so years say, "They left out all the important parts." Heh.

Against the Ropes and Meg Ryan's performance were universally panned. I rate it glad-I-didn't-see-it-in-the-theater,-but-hmmm-this-is-much-better-than-I-expected-good. I agree, it's formulaic and Ryan's accent is a bit much but it still kept me engaged. There's something about a sports movie (in this case boxing) that "ropes" me in and won't let go. It wasn't till the end when I remembered that it was inpired by the true story of Jackie Kallen. Excellent.

So-so entertainment with its ups and downs but since I paid $0.00 and still got something out of all of it, I say I'm up.

Still on my winning streak.

Link - 10:36 PM -

Friday, November 25, 2005

I made a couple of hundred bucks, ate like a Queen (Bobby Flay's Mesa is mmm mmm good) and had an absolute blast in Vegas. One highlight was beating this young, cocky dude at two separate hands of Texas Hold 'Em. Both times he didn't believe I had anything. Both times he was wrong. Both times I doubled my chip count.

We didn't get hitched like we pacted, although we came very close. Bottom line was it would have excluded many of our bestest friends while including just a random assortment of aqcuaintances and a good friend or two, none which were Jerry Seinfeld or Drew Carey.

For anyone Vegas bound you must, must, must go to the Imperial Palace and be dealt Blackjack by the Dealertainers. Our dealers included a bitter old queen dressed as "Little Richard" and a very vivacious and perky "Dolly Parton". At 8:00, the dealing stopped and a parade of Dealertainers came through the casino and put on a hilarious show. "Tina Turner", "Gwen Stefani" and our very own "Little Richard" were our treat. Words cannot describe how awesome it all was. Go. Laugh. Win.

We came home to a cold as ice apartment. The drafty chill made me feel like I was getting sick but the worst didn't come until AFTER we had our second annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Rainbow Room. It's nice dressing up and taking a private car to have someone else feed you turkey and fresh pork and anything else your heart desires. We got another photo, but my scanner is broken. You'll have to wait to see the so-so photo of us post stuffing, smiling too big.

After dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail at the bar where I found someone's Nikon Coolpix 4800. It was closing time and the pics are of tourists, so I brought it home in hopes of tracking them down. Luckily they have photos of themselves pre-NYC visit which includes a photo of them in front of a realty sign with phone numbers. Bingo. I'm meeting them later to make the drop.

We came home to find we caught Smitty the mouse in our no-kill trap. We set him free outside but not before I snapped a few photos of his scared, tiny little self cowering in the back of our contraption. We re-set the trap in case Smitty has friends and, sure enough, this morning Smitty's bigger and much less scared friend was clamoring to be set free. Good riddance and all but it's so cold outside, I hope they're okay.


Link - 1:31 PM -

Friday, November 18, 2005

Viva, Las Vegas
Best day ever! I haven't even left for Vegas yet and I just scored the biggest payola. Mama's gettin' a brand new bag.

But I am Vegas-bound shortly and have my pink sequin pants packed and ready to rock! Maybelline, Paquita and Larry Bird (aw, no pic of my parakeet?!) are in the trusty hands of Rachel and Chuck. See you fools next Wednesday!**

I was also just invited by Rachel Kramer Bussel to attend a party for Jeannette Walls which is the same day as the next taping of TVLand's Game Time and the day after the Penthouse Pet of the Year party. Holiday season here we go.

**Who am I kidding? I'll be posting from the blackjack table.

Link - 4:36 PM -

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy 5th Anniversary!
Five years ago today, I drove my Cabrio (Isn't she cute? I miss her!) jam packed full of my most precious belongings across some bridge into the Burrough of Queens in the City of New York.

By far, the best decision I have ever made.

Link - 11:33 PM -

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Latest Ballyhoo
Online here.

Get it in your inbox.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Last night fans and friends of author Edith Layton came out to Junno's to celebrate the release of Layton's 30th book, Gypsy Lover. Spotted at the fete were comedian Mo Rocca; Radar Magazine's managing editor Chris Knutsen, NPR's Adam Felber, sex columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Floyd Abrams, America's pre-eminent First Amendment lawyer.

View the photos.


Link - 10:11 AM -

Monday, November 14, 2005

Book Launch Bonanza
Tonight is the celebration of Edith Layton's latest historical romance novel Gypsy Lover. Buy your copy here.


Link - 9:53 AM -

Friday, November 11, 2005

Rachel's Birthday
A wonderful 30th birthday party for everyone's favorite sex columnist was held at Happy Ending. Sadly, the ExVPoftheUSofA did not attend. Squares weren't invited.

The Apiary reports.

The Best Week Ever LIVE performances went well. They should have a nice, tight show for Vegas. Oh boy, I can't wait!

Guess who got invited to Penthouse Pet of the Year party? Oy, what do you wear to something like that? Don't say "very little" because that's going to be what everyone is wearing!


Link - 7:22 PM -

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gothamist Interviewed Christian Finnegan
Read the whole thing here.


Link - 10:39 AM -

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Long story made short
(New to the site? I went to NOLA to volunteer for the animals. Read about it here.)

Somehow my love from NOLA ended up on a truck to Arkansas after I left the ranch where I volunteered. The no-kill shelter to where she was headed helps Pitt Bulls find homes. Turns out the shelter wasn't so good (horrifying is an understatement, IMO) and an investigation was launched. The Pitts were then split up and taken to several shelters one of whom is Turtle Moon Rescue. Much to my horror, here is what she looks like now. Skinnier and shaggier than when I left her. (Do you fu*king see her ribs?!) I'm furious, heartbroken, relieved and worried. What will become of her?

Maybelline and Paquita are running circles around each other in my apartment. Can you imagine the temptation for a hound dog?! It's not fair or feasible for so many reasons but I have to find her a home. A great one. Good simply won't cut it after the hell she has endured.

I'm old. I took the bus to go only four avenues to vote and I can't figure out rss feeds. I'm okay with that.


Link - 6:50 PM -

Monday, November 07, 2005

Las Vegas Bound
Christian and I made a pact last night to not get hitched while in Vegas for The Comedy Festival. The trip is going to be fun and eventful without cluttering it up with something silly like a drive thru wedding. We agreed that the only way we'll break our vow is if Jerry Seinfeld and Drew Carey are our witnesses. So, Jerry, Drew: steer clear of Sin City, k?

Another Plug
AM New York recommends tomorrow night's Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and also There is a Game!!! and so do I. Why? It's Drunken Shakespeare night, of course! Catch Andres du Bouchet and the cast of GTN as they perform a truncated version of 'Hamlet'. Drunk. Literally.

Special guests: Tom Shillue & Bob Powers.

Tusday, November 8, 2005
Rififi Cinema Classics
11th Street Between 1st and 2nd Ave
8:00 PM - $5.00

AM New York also listed Best Week Ever Live at UCB Theater on Wednesday and Thursday nights. These shows are essentially rehearsals for the performance at the aforementioned Comedy Festival.


Link - 10:51 AM -

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gothamist gave yet another nice plug for Andres du Bouchet. This time for his upcoming show at The People's Improv Theater. They also link the great write up The Apiary gave Andres for his Naked Trampoline Hamlet.

Yay, Andres. See you at the bar in two hours.

Link - 4:00 PM -

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hey, I Made the Court TV Newsletter!
My friend S (not sure if she wants her identity revealed) writes for Court TV. She decided to try something new in the newsletter and used me as her guinea pig. So here it is, as it appeared in my inbox today.

Exclusive interview with someone just like you -- a real Court TV fan!
With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought it was time to give thanks to YOU, our viewers. Here then is an interview with one of you -- a loyal Court TV watcher who is also an avid reader of this newsletter. Meet Kambri Crews, who owns and operates Ballyhoo Promotions [ballyhoopromotions.net]. By her own admission, she spends her days representing stand-up comedians, actors and writers, and her nights glued to Court TV!

Kambri Crews, Court TV fan

How long have you been watching Court TV?
I have been watching "Forensic Files" for as long as I can remember -- longer than I can remember, actually! What I like is that they use real photographs and documented evidence. The interviews are really thorough and so real. When it comes to investigation shows, the more real the better.

Is there any episode of "Forensic Files"that really stuck with you?
So many...let's see... oh yeah! I loved the one with the guy from Mensa who was really into interactive murder mysteries; because he was so arrogant about his brains, he thought he'd never be caught. In it, there was this amazing story of the woman who had gone undercover for years to befriend him...and catch him.

How does your boyfriend feel about your Court TV habit?
Actually, sometimes my boyfriend wonders if I have a sick obsession with crimes of passion! Before I was 10 years old, I was a big Agatha Christie fan, and before that, a Nancy Drew fan! I guess I've always liked word games, puzzles and things that require clues. I think the puzzle-solving aspect of Court TV hooks me and satisfies that craving.

Do you have any pets?
Of course! I have a gorgeous Chihuahua I adore named Paquita and a parakeet named Larry Bird. The parakeet barks like Paquita, and he can do a catcall...pretty impressive for a parakeet, right? And I just got a bunny rabbit that is a rescue from Hurricane Katrina.

OK, ready for the lightning round?

Favorite food?
Shiraz and Pinot Girgio... that's a food, right? But seriously, I like a big steak. Mexican food too.

Your sign?
Gemini/Cancer cusp.

Favorite color?

Favorite music?
My guilty pleasure: 80s heavy metal.

Favorite perfume?
Sugar by Fresh or Serendipitous from Serendipity 3.

Any skills you have that we might not know about?
I'm fluent in sign language because my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents are all deaf.

Court TV obsessed.

Link - 9:56 PM -

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lestat & The Colbert Report
Holy smokes, nobody told me Elton John, Bernie Taupin AND Anne Rice were going to be there!

Lestat has been a few years in the making and will preview in March 2006. The director, costume and set designers were there as well. They all discussed the process of turning the novels into the musical and gave us sneak previews of the set design, costume sketches and, of course, the music. We were treated to five songs in total: four from individual cast members and the finale by the entire cast. It was the first time they have ever been performed in public and that made the surreal experience pretty darn cool.

Fun tidbit: Jim Stanek who plays Dr. Dan inSLUT! The Musical, the cute and witty show which closes November 13th for which you can see at a discounted price, won the role of Louis, the character portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie Interview with a Vampire.

After all that I was given a gift bag to boot. I took two and headed over to the Colbert Report where I met Christian, Julie (thanks for the tickets, J!) and her boyfriend Wayne.

The taping didn't start till 8:00 and the audience was told to be there at 6:00 with doors opening at 7:30. That's a long wait outside but luckily our friend Eric writes for the show (on hiatus from his usual gig at the Daily Show) who got us in the VIP line and suggested we arrive at 6:45. Another old acquaintance Mark handles the audience and I was shocked to see him.

Mark plucked us from the line on Eric's behalf around 7:15 and escorted us to the main conference area where we assume the writers' meetings happen. That's where I saw Amy, yet another friend, whom I helped on the hugely successful Clip Joint shows at the Knitting Factory. Needless to say, with so many friends old and new, we were having a great time just hanging out. Finally they loaded the audience where it dawned on us that, wow, it was kind of late and that poor audience has been doing what all this time? Who cares about the hoi polloi? We're VIPs. Mwah!

I have never seen the Colbert Report. I am a big laugher and lover of live performances so my first time opinion of the show could be swayed by the energy in the room. Disclaimer noted, I LOVED the show. Stephen Colbert has clearly nailed down his persona to a frightening degree. Truly an awesome one-take-wonder. I was in stitches the whole time.

Bonus: Our friend Craig Baldo was doing audience warm-up. He was filling in for the usual guy and did a smash up job. Highlight: He asked an audience member what they did during the long wait. Apparently they watched back-to-back episodes of Wheel of Fortune. Craig used this as an opportunity to get the crowd to act like we were there for a WoF taping. On the count of three we shouted in unison, "WHEEL....OF....FORTUNE!" Hilarious because it was spontaneous but not so funny in print.

On the cab ride home Christian remarked something along the lines of, "We know some really great people." And he's right. Take any one person we ran into/hung out with and you can guarantee they are smart, funny and talented. I'm humbled to know each and every one of them.

Elton was wearing a tight purple suit. What a day.

Link - 5:54 PM -

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Latest Ballyhoo is available online.

After I had drinks with a marketing friend, I hopped a cab to Lolita Bar to see Liam's weekly show Tell Your Friends. Lolita Bar is a really cute space on Broome & Allen and I enjoyed seeing all the clever costumes. Not being decked out in Halloween garb made me feel really square. Like an middle aged man traveling on business and hanging out at a bar where he sticks out like a geeky sore thumb.

I was there to catch the show and, in particular, Becky Donohue. I haven't seen her in quite a while and she and I had much catching up to do. Much to my delight, A Brief View of the Hudson, a folk rock duo, opened the show. What a wonderful sound they have. They played two songs before Best Week Ever writer Chris Deluca took the stage, then Best Week Ever talking head Pete Holmes performed, then Becky. After her set, we headed to the bar upstairs and caught up on mostly business. She has a great site girlcomic.net that hasn't been updated in a very long while. I hope she starts it up again.

She and I are both gabbers so by the time I hopped into another cab headed to the Village, I missed much of the parade. But no matter...it was a beautiful night in the city and I enjoyed seeing some old friends and meeting new ones.

I got tickets to tonight's Colbert Report taping thanks to my friend Julie with the AP. Christian's friend Eric writes for the show, so we're hoping to bypass the long check-in line. I have only caught snippets of the show and have heard mixed reviews about it so I'm not sure what to expect.

Off to see a special performance of Lestat which previews March 2006.

Link - 11:26 AM -


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